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Slowing down

Nestled in the noontime shade of the caravan awning I was trying to read, but my attention kept being dragged away by the world around me. It was the kind of sparkling day that casts everything in its best light: the rippling rust track to the beach and streaky blue of the lagoon; the

Coasting in Western Australia

  So, apparently this blogging caper requires that I actually post blogs occasionally. As I have just been reminded by my beautiful blogging friend Fi over at Inner Pickle. Would you believe me if I told you we’ve been too busy? This country is BIG. With three van-months under our belt we have fallen

Gone fishing

Ahoy there lovely friends! Today we are coming to you from the mighty south coast of this gorgeous island home. In fact right now, while Mark and the kids explore Albany’s Whale World, I sit at my keyboard overlooking the glorious blue waters of King George Sound. It has been way too long between